Monday, 30 December 2013

Thermoforming Glass Machine

Thermoforming Glass Machine

This machine consists of four working positions:forming position,punching position,cutting position and stacking position.It realizes high automatic production by combining forming,punching,cutting and stacking four in one,which enables high automatic efficient working,saving lots of cost,labor,production time and machine footprint.It is very ideal machine to make lids,packing box,flower pot,containers which need forming,punching and cutting works together.
  •  Model No. SIT-TF 5030 (Plastic disposable item making machine).
  •  Thermoforming machine to make Disposable Glass and Disposable Cup.
  •  60 days after confirmation of order .
We are manufacturer and exporter of thermoforming glass machine and thermoforming glass machine based in New Delhi, India.

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