Monday, 30 December 2013

Surface Rewinding Machines

Surface Rewinding Machines

Surface Rewinding Machine, Size of Machine :10" Indi, Power Requirement :5 HPDC Motor, Slitting Distance Minimum :12" inch, Maximum Slitting distance :30", Parent Roll Inner Core Dia :12", Floor Space :14' x 22' Fit, Weight of Machine :3500 kg (Approx).
  •  Size of Machine :10" Indi
  •  Power Requirement :5 HPDC Motor
  •  Slitting Distance Minimum :12" inch
We are manufacturer and exporter of surface rewinding machines and surface rewinding machine based in New Delhi, India.


Wilhelm Duncan said...
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Linda Thomas said...

I don't fully understand for what purpose this machine is used but I already want it. I have a lot of unnecessary things at home and I call them my collection. Are there any discounts by kingessays to purchase this machine?

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