Saturday, 28 December 2013

Office Colour Laser Printers

Office Colour Laser Printers

Color printing adds complexity to the printing process because very slight misalignments known as registration errors can occur between printing each color, causing unintended color fringing, blurring, or light/dark streaking along the edges of colored regions. To permit a high registration accuracy, some color laser printers use a large rotating belt called a "transfer belt". The transfer belt passes in front of all the toner cartridges and each of the toner layers are precisely applied to the belt. The combined layers are then applied to the paper in a uniform single step.
  •  Model : 6280V_N.
  •  Print speed : Colour: up to 26 ppm Black: up to 31 ppm.
  •  Connectivity : 10/100BaseTX Ethernet, IPv6, USB 2.0 (optional: Wireless).
We are manufacturer and exporter of office colour laser printers and office colour laser printers based in Delhi, India.

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