Monday, 30 December 2013

Centrifugal Deaerator Machinery

Centrifugal Deaerator Machinery

Removal of entrapped air is a definite step in chemical processing especially in grease type semi-solid, viscous products. We provide on line, state-of-the-art Japanese technology based centrifugal de-aeration system to solve the problem.This gives extra-ordinary shine and toughness to the product besides increase in shelf life by limiting degree of oxidation.The system is based on vacuum application and available in a range of capacities up to 2-4MT/Hour and backed up with a double stage, oil cooled, high-level rotary vacuum pump having independent drive motor.
  •  Increasing chemical stability of your product.
  •  Epoch ally improves the shelf life of your products.
  •  Giving your products a smooth texture and attractive gloss.
We are manufacturer and exporter of centrifugal deaerator machinery and centrifugal deaerator machiner based in New Delhi , India.

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