Monday, 30 December 2013

C Fold Paper Towel Machines

C Fold Paper Towel Machines

C-Fold Towel Making Machine Machine :Automatic C-Fold Machine Maximum Core Dia :76 mm Maximum Unwind Dia :48" Power Requirement :2 HPDC Variable drive Raw Material :38 to 45 GSM Production :650 Packet / Sheet (150 Sheet / Packet) Attachment :Pneumatic System Weight :1200 kg (Approx)
  •  Machine :Automatic C-Fold Machine
  •  Maximum Core Dia :76 mm
  •  Maximum Unwind Dia :48"
We are manufacturer and exporter of c fold paper towel machines and c fold paper towel machines based in New Delhi, India.

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Brian Cox said...

Looks crazy. What is it for? I have not a single idea why would you need this machine. But it looks really cool. Like a robot from the fantastic book. I think I can include something about this machine in my review of Trust my paper. People will be interested to read about it more.

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