Monday, 30 December 2013

Automatic Vacuum Shear Cutter Forming Machine

Automatic Vacuum Shear Cutter Forming Machine

Forming Area Max.:560mm x 600mm, Max. Speed :20 cycles per minute for HIPS, Dimension(Overall) L x W x H :110” x 73” x 60”, Dimension(ControlPanel) L x W x H :28” x 28”x 55” P.I.D. Panel, Approximate Weight :1100 kgs, Roll Size (Width Only) Max.:638mm, Roll Size (Width Only) Min.:300mm, Max Draw (Depending on profile) :100 mm, Sheet Thickness :Upto 0.12mm x 0.70mm for HIPS & PVC, Materials Which can be used.:HIPS, PVC, PET, PP, ABS, Electrical Load :12 KW, Motor 3 Phase :2 HP, Power Requirements for Machine :12 KW, Power Requirements for Compressor:3 KW, Total Power Requirement :15 KW, Control Panel :With PID Controller.
  •  Model :SIT-VFMS 56X60
  •  Shear Cutter
  •  Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements (Made in England)
We are manufacturer and exporter of automatic vacuum shear cutter forming machine and vacuum forming machines based in New Delhi, India.

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