Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Toilet Paper Log Rewinder

Toilet Paper Log Rewinder

This machine is used for perforation, embossing (optional) and also rewinds the paper upto desired diameter. After the log has been rewinded, it is transferred to the Band Saw which in turn cuts the log into toilet rolls of desired length. Capacity / 8 hrs : 650 logs / Shift Perforation repeat : 110mm / 230mm Embossing metal to rubber type : Metal to Rubber Type (Optional) Weight : 1800Kg / 2000Kg / 2300Kg / 2800Kg Space required : 6'x7'x6' / 7'x7'x6' / 8'x7'x6' / 9'x8'x6' End product specification : Each roll of 100mm width, with each sheet length of 110mm Motor with frequency drive : 2 H.P A.C / 3 H.P.A.C / 3 H.P.A.C / 5 H.P.A.C Control : PLC Siemens make
  •  Maximum paper width :1020mm / 1350mm/ 1650mm / 1850mm.
  •  Maximum rewinding diameter :120mm.
  •  Maximum unwind diameter :1200mm.
We are manufacturer and exporter of toilet paper log rewinder and toilet paper log rewinder based in New Delhi, India.

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