Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Slitting Toilet Paper Roll Machines

Slitting Toilet Paper Roll Machines

This high-speed toilet paper roll machine is available in different working width of 811mm, 1020mm & 1350 mm. It is a slitting machine having perforation and slitting blades that could be adjusted to make Kitchen and Industrial Rolls. Electronic counter is also provided with the machine, which control the number of sheets to be bounded over a given roll. Maximum paper width :811mm / 1020mm Maximum rewinding diameter:120mm / 250mm Maximum unwind diameter: 1200mm Parent roll core inner diameter : 76mm Rewinding roll core inner diameter: 38mm (as required) Unwind unit One Capacity / 8 hrs : 3000 rolls of 220 sheets Perforation repeat : 110mm / 230mm Embossing metal to rubber type: Metal to Rubber type (optional) Weight :1500 kg/ 2000kg/ 2300k
  •  Unwind unit with positive drive.
  •  Perforation Unit.
  •  Embossing unit ( optional).
Wholesaler and supplier of toilet paper roll machines, slitting toilet paper roll machines. Also offering toilet paper roll machinery items at wholesale price.

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