Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Paper Cutting Machines

Paper Cutting Machines

This machine is suitable for cutting any size and type of paper for making paper plates. You can use any type of paper laminated or non laminated or scrap paper. We just have to put bundle of paper on the machine and put the cutter on the paper bundle and by just pushing the liver machine works. Weight Of Machine: 1000kg Approx Total Power: 1.5kw Power Source: 220v 50hz Suitable Paper Weight: 80gsm-1000gsm Paper Plate Size: You Can Make Any Size And Kind Of Plate Delivery Time: 15days Rated Production: 1000kg Paper Per Day We have three Models for this Machine: 26” Paper Cutting Machine 32” Paper Cutting Machine 36” Paper Cutting Machine
  •  Weight Of Machine: 1000kg Approx.
  •  Total Power: 1.5kw.
  •  Power Source: 220v 50hz.
We are manufacturer and exporter of paper cutting machines and paper cutting machines based in Delhi, India.

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