Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Julong Ultra IP Boards

Julong Ultra IP Boards

Ultra IP BOARD is a mega white board for interactive demonstration, and is assembled by quadruplet screens. The low-right screen is for interactive operation, and the users can control any other pages via this interactive one. In addition to having the basic function of normal IP BOARD, users can display 4 different pages simultaneously via only one projector, demonstrate 4 same pages at one time, switch the location of different page easily, and put any separate page into the full screen. Ultra IPBOARDs are specially designed to meet to the requirements of a mega-sized classroom or conference hall, which empowers the teachers or trainers with great interactivity and clear visibility during lectures.
  •  Ultra IP BOARD is a mega white board for interactive demonstration
  •  Only one projector is needed
  •  Project 4 different pages simultaneously
We are manufacturer and exporter of julong ultra ip boards and julong ultra ip boards based in New Delhi, India.  

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