Thursday, 31 October 2013

Voice Processing System

Voice Processing System

The KX-TVM200 puts the same type of voice mail capabilities that big corporations enjoy in a much more cost-effective package.When digitally connected to KX-TD Digital Super Hybrid and KX-TDA Hybrid IP systems the KX-TVM200 Voice Processing System offers enhanced features for improved communications Expandable to 24 ports,1000-Hours of voice storage, Supports up to 1,024mailboxes,Outside Message Notification, Live Call Screening allows users to monitor incoming messages and decide whether or not to take the call,Two Way Record allows an extension user to record a telephone conversation in to,their mailbox by simply pressing a feature key on their telephone,Caller ID Routing1,Personal Greeting for Caller ID1.
  •  Expandable to 24 ports
  •  1000-Hours of voice storage
  •  Supports up to 1,024 mailboxes
We are manufacturer and exporter of voice processing system and voice processing system based in Delhi, India.

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