Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Corrugated Cutting Machines

Corrugated Cutting Machines

Unwind roll stand new design change MS Casting break pedestal will be change unwind stand shafting 45mm roll stand made by inside broad (Fabrication),It is built with heavy cast iron side wall and the cutting knife is of W.P.S(HCHCR) with 2 to 3 H.P.D.C. electric motor and panel control board with digital stroke counter (counting attachment),The flute machine is provided with one roll stand & Gear set are provided of C.I. Casting to cut exact required size & roll no cutting variation and no cross cutting in our machine. &Gear size book for cutting size.HCHCR Blade 1 set (2 piece) is provided,We give ball bearing in blade rotter and gear system in machine,D.C. Electric motor and Panel with digital stroke counter and prox.
  •  Cutting variation is minimum 5mm no cross cutting in our machine
  •  Chain tighter of main cylinder is attached with ball bearing system
  •  Motor mounting stand is fabricated
We are manufacturer and exporter of corrugated cutting machines and corrugated cutting machines based in New Delhi, India.

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