Thursday, 31 October 2013

Audio Video Conference Phone System

Audio Video Conference Phone System

The Panasonic KX-TS730 is a full digital duplex conference speakerphone with 120 minutes of digital conference recording, letting you concentrate on the conversation, rather than writing endless pages of notes. In addition, it also provides a 3.5 mm audio jack to output recordings to cassettes or computer as a wave or MP3 file. Digital circuitry helps reduce echo and dropouts and allow for clearer 2-way conversations. Also, the KX-TS730 has a line status indicator and a call status indicator LED.The KX-TS730 microphone unit consists of 4 sets of paired microphones, making a total of eight, which collect sound in 360ยบ. It is designed to receive audio in a radius in rooms of up to 380 square feet.
  •  Ultra sensitive 4-microphone system.
  •  Full Digital Duplex conferencing.
  •  Automatic microphone selection.
We are manufacturer and exporter of audio video conference phone system and audio video conference phone based in Delhi, India.

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