Saturday, 14 September 2013

Single Channel Radio Over IP Gateway Cross Network

Single Channel Radio Over IP Gateway Cross Network

Radio over Internet Protocol uses standard VoIP techniques to transfer the analog audio, used by Land Mobile Radio Systems, digitally over the LAN (or Internet). In addition to voice, RoIP also transfers signals that are specific to LMR applications, such as PTT and COR Control lines. VoIP gets priority over other network traffic. Thus, priority queuing support prioritizes IP voice traffic (over data) to help preserve voice quality even when the network traffic is heavy. Multiple PC consoles can be operated without the high cost of installing fixed consoles.
  •  Extend The Reach Of Your Radio Network To Mobile And Rugged Devices
  •  Link Remote Radio Sites Using Your Internet Connection
  •  Mix Different Radio Standards
We are manufacturer and exporter of single channel radio over ip gateway cross network and bridge 2way systes across site based in New Delhi, India.

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