Saturday, 14 September 2013

Radio Telephone Interface Phone Patch Repeater

Radio Telephone Interface Phone Patch Repeater

A Simplex/Duplex Phone patch controller unit is a versatile interface unit between a wireless transceiver and telephone line of your EPABX. It gives the feelings of RADIO EPABX . The unit is designed for the users of (VHF/UHF) like you, and is intended to enable you to make a wireless call right from your nearest telephone extension without you actually moving physically to wireless set. With help of DTMF encoder on your mobile or potables you can dial any telephone number on your EPABX and other portable. With the addition of interconnect, your communication network becomes very much flexible and multidimensional.
  •  Intelligent Control
  •  State Of Art Technology
  •  Versatile Interface Unit
We are manufacturer and exporter of radio telephone interface phone patch repeater and dtmf, quick call ii, sel 5 hf based in New Delhi, India.

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