Saturday, 14 September 2013

PC Screen Laminated Label Printers

PC Screen Laminated Label Printers

Software Features: Model: PC, Display: PC Screen, Tape type: TZ Laminated, Tape width (mm): 6, 9, 12, 18,24,36, Max. Print / Height: 27. 1mm, Tape Cutter: Auto ( full & half cut only ), Print Resolution: 360 DPI T(TZ tape), 720 DPI (HG tape). Contents: Tape Separator; Yes, Tape: 24 mm standard tape, Batteries: N/A, AC Adaptor: Included, USB Cable; Included, Serial Cable: Included, Editor Software ( CD-ROM ): Included. Dimensions: Unit Dimensions: 116x190x127, Weight: 350gms
  •  PC Screen Laminated Label Printers
  •  Display PC Screen
  •  Tape Type: TZ Laminated
We are manufacturer and exporter of pc screen laminated label printers and laminated label printers based in Delhi, India.

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