Monday, 16 September 2013

Konica Minolta print head

Konica Minolta print head

Nozzles per inch:90x2 rows = 180npi, Nozzle Number: 128 nozzles x 2 rows = 256, Nozzle pitch: 141um, Drop Volume: 15pl, Firing Frequency: 15.0kHz, Drop Velocity: 6.0 m/s, Print width: 36mm, Dimensions: 60 mm W x 18.3 mm D x 67 mm H, Solvent Ink: UV ink, Oil ink, Aqueous ink, Max.Drops in greyscale 1 drops, 3drops, Applications texistile printing (for nassenger V) dependent on ink used
  •  Konica minolta 256 print head KM 256
  •  Nozzles per inch:90x2 rows = 180npi
  •  Nozzle Number: 128 nozzles x 2 rows = 256
We are manufacturer and exporter of konica minolta print head and konica minolta km256 printhead based in New Delhi, India.

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