Friday, 16 August 2013

Thermal Transfer Wax Resin Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Wax Resin Ribbon

Our wax-resin ribbons designed for today’s high-speed printers, wax-resin ribbons provide an exceptional level of smudge and scratch resistance, while printing at speeds as high as 12 ips. The level of print quality is also exceptional, especially for complex label formats – normal or rotated bar-coded, logos and graphics. We have two grades in Wax Resin Ribbon - IBCW20A (Normal Wax Resin ) & IBCW20N ( Premium Wax Resin ).
  •  Thermal Transfer Wax Resin Ribbon
  •  Feature: Original
  •  Brand Name: IBC
We are manufacturer and exporter of thermal transfer wax resin ribbon and thermal transfer resin ribbon based in Delhi, India.

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