Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ready CISS Epson Printer with Dye Inks

Ready CISS Epson Printer with Dye Inks

Compatibility - Inks Used - Photo-Jet Dye Ink EPD-230. For Printer - For Epson R230, R220, R210, R200. For Cartridge - For Epson T49 (T491, T492, T493, T494, T495, T496)
Features :Just Plug-In and Play, Easy to Install and Use, Filled with Photo Quality Dye Inks, Comes with Auto reset chip, Saves Time and Money, Excellent Color Matching - Print Photos
Applications : Home and Office Printing, Photo Printing, Printing ID Cards, Photos, Documents, etc, Economy Printing Solutions, High Ink Capacity - Print Continuous
Descriptions : CISS - Continuous Inks Supply System is innovative product which provides Continuous Ink supply to Inkjet Printers using Ink Tank. This Ink Tank for Printer is connected to Cartridges with Autoreset Chips to
  •  Dye LR CISS For Epson R230 R220 R210 R200
  •  Ready CISS For Epson with Dye Inks
  •  Splashjet-CISS-LR-EP-R230
We are manufacturer and exporter of ready ciss epson printer with dye inks and epson printer dye inks based in Maharashtra, India.

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