Saturday, 17 August 2013

Heavy Duty Industrial Barcode Printer Postek TX2

Heavy Duty Industrial Barcode Printer Postek TX2

Stable and Reliable A true industrial printer made for exceptionally strong and reliable performance. The all metal construction and unique high strength aluminum core forms a sturdy and durable stationary platform. High Speed and Geared for Endurance With 32bit ARM CPU with 8MB SDRAM. the TX provides remarkable handling ability. Maximum printing speeds: 10 ips for the TX2, and 8 ips for the TX3. An advanced print-head offers long and continuous durability. Simple and Flexible An ingenious design provides for convenient maintenance and minimal adjustments. Downloadable True Type Fonts capable of accepting and storing user-defined scalable typefaces.
  •  Heavy Duty Industrial Barcode Printer Postek TX2
  •  32bit ARM CPU with 8MB SDRAM
  •  TX provides remarkable handling ability
We are manufacturer and exporter of heavy duty industrial barcode printer postek tx2 and industrial barcode printer based in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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