Friday, 16 August 2013

Domino Inkjet Printer Ink

Domino Inkjet Printer Ink

Our organization is one of the primary manufacturers and exporters of Domino General Purpose Ink like continuous industrial ink. We are one of the leading domino Printer Ink manufacturer and supplier in India.We are inviting Distributors from all over the world. Domino ink is one of our premium product with OEM standards.Domino inks and Make-ups are supplied in completely compatible 850 ml Cartridges. On request, these products can be supplied in 1Lt, 25Lt, 200Lt containers. Inks, Make-ups and Wash Solutions are fully compatible.
  •  Domino Inkjet Printer Ink
  •  Type: Inkjet
  •  Style: Color
We are manufacturer and exporter of domino inkjet printer ink and inkjet printer ink based in Delhi, India.

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