Saturday, 17 August 2013

Control Rooms Mill Pulpits Cabs Enclosures

Control Rooms Mill Pulpits Cabs Enclosures

Pre-fab control rooms are the new solution for the fast paced and ever changing requirements of the global industry. These modular structures are specifically designed and machined in order to ensure easy portability and installation. We fabricate these modular structures using a variety of plastics, concrete and steel in strict compliance with international quality standards. Main control room in all countries is used as the main control center in the plant. The plant operating supervisor and senior operating personnel operate and monitor major plant equipment.
  •  Ecofriendly, Certified ISO 9001-2000 And 14001-2004 Company
  •  Ease Of Portability, Accurate, Durable, High-Quality, Self-Supporting
  •  Stand In Different Temperature, Guard Huts, Portable Cabins
Wholesaler and supplier of personnel enclosures, control rooms mill pulpits cabs enclosures. Also offering in plant offices operator room items at wholesale price.

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