Friday, 16 August 2013

Carbon less Paper Roll

Carbon less Paper Roll

Carbonless paper roll is mainly used in POS machines. Carbonless paper can be used as fax paper,copypaper&as printing paper Sharp and clear copy images with high optical density and resistance to light, Smooth paper with even coating weight, Optimum curl control for converting and good dimensional stability. Will not rub off or smear on hands or clothing. Good surface strength, Various colors available- white,pink,yellow,blue, green. Wide range of grammages to suit every requirement- 45.50,55,60,80 gsm in white or tinted colors CF and CB. The printing can be done in black and white.
  •  Carbon less Paper Roll
  •  Type Carbonless Paper
  •  Paper Roll Yes
We are manufacturer and exporter of carbon less paper roll and carbon less paper roll based in Maharashtra, India.

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